>Diagnosed Alzheimer and Dementia cases

>The number of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease(AD) and related dementias continue to grow with approximately 5.3 million AD cases in this country.

This disease is challenging because it not only affects the afflicted person but also his or her family and caregivers.  Families struggle with their grief and sadness while taking on the difficult role of caring for a loved one with AD.  Many times, the caregiver is a spouse or sibling dealing with his or her own health issues. In other cases may be an adult child who has additional family and professional obligations.

Although the search for a cure continues, there have been many advances in the treatment and symptom management of this disease. Behavioral management is a major component of an effective treatment plan for the individual with AD.. With an individualized treatment plan, The AD patient can enjoy a dignified quality of life and remain in his or her own home for longer than ever before.

Caring Resources can assist family members and caregivers in providing the best care for loved ones living with AD.  We teach a variety of behavior management techniques and can design individual plans to address many challenging behaviors.

Additionally, Caring Resources offers group training for professional caregivers in hospital, nursing home, assisted living and agency settings.  The Caring Resources curriculum meets the standard set by the Alzheimer’s Association MA/NH Chapter.


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