Homestead Advantage Program









Living at home is a realistic option for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease(AD) and other related dementias.  It is estimated that 87 per cent of people diagnosed with AD remain in the home with the support of family members and paid caregivers.  However, the cost of care is not only financial.  Families, friends and caregivers struggle with great emotional and physical distress as they cope with physical and mental changes in their loved ones.

Research has shown that a consistent and safe environment, regular medical care, healthy dietary practices and appropriate environmental cues can reduce dementia symptoms and allow patients to maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships within the home.


“Community Care”

This program is geared toward “Early Stage” dementia clients.  Under this option, Caring Resources provides comprehensive, individualized care plan for clients designed to enable them to remain in the home.  Homestead Advantage I provide the following services:

~Initial consultation by Claire Henry, Certified Dementia Practitioner.

~Comprehensive needs assessment.

~Alzheimer/dementia training.

Full access to our resource team of clinicians and geriatric healthcare professionals.

~Referral to outside agencies and home care networks.



“Extended Care”

This program is geared toward “later stage dementia”. As AD progressed, often family members must make difficult decisions regarding their ability to safely care for loved one at home.  In addition to services provided in Advantage I, Advantage II provides the following:

~Assessment of long term care options.

~Assistance with identifying appropriate long term care settings.

~Assistance with transition to long term care environments.





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