It is well documented that there is a distinct correlation between “environmental design” and the incidence of behavioral symptoms for the dementia client. Noteworthy behavioral symptoms related to the environment include sleep disturbance, increased pacing with aggression to social withdrawal and depression.

As a result, I am particularly focused on creating a dementia friendly home environment. Meaning that, with appropriate assessment and modification to the home, care providers become equipped in managing behavior symptoms within the home environment.

With the estimated 5.3 million Americans’ who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, and approximately 70 percent of people with dementia remaining in the home, the healthcare community should be taking a closer look at the home care provider and their ability to manage dementia care.  It is well documented that a well-trained caregiver in Alzheimer’s can manage the individual with specialized behavioral techniques, maintaining their independence within the home environment for longer periods of time.

Caring Resources upholds the philosophy that in order to provide the highest level of care for loved ones with dementia, it is imperative that families and caregivers receive the leading edge practices in training and support.  Caring Resources follows a holistic care model focusing on providing client-centered care and behavior management strategies, creating safe home environments and strengthening family relationships.

With this in mind, we have developed a five hour curriculum for home care providers.  The learning environment and educational material consists of linking the classroom learning with practicum experience. Topics ranging from “Understanding the Disease”, Bathing Techniques, Family Conflict Resolution and Assessing the Home Environment.

Our newest and most exciting module is “Assessing the Home Environment”.  The learner will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue regarding, what constitutes a  dementia friendly home environment;topics include appropriate lighting, color  design (coding) ,creating visual cues that will enable the client to independently manipulate their environment to assessing safety hazards.  Necessary skills and approaches will be presented on how to best manage the dementia client in different situations.

The training will prepare the home care provider for high quality dementia care, while giving family members peace of mind and a dignified quality of life for the dementia client.  For more information on our services contact a representative from Caring Resources today.



  1. I would like more info on this newest module, Assessing the Home Environment. I am involved with Emods as a provider for the NYS DOH Medicaid waivers as well as several other agencies in the Long Island NY area. You can let me know of the details via email. Thank you.

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