Home Safety for the Dementia Client.

When is it time to evaluate the safety of the home for dementia.

As a community we all need to become educated of the safety of elder’s within the home.  In particular the caregiver, needs to be educated with the ongoing changes and challenges facing the individual living with the dementia diagnosis. This issue needs careful assessment and evaluation regarding the safety within the home environment. The following guidelines may be useful for the caregiver.

Does the individual with dementia:

~exhibit increased confusion or unpredictable behaviors under stress.

~can the individual recognize a dangerous situation, such as a fire?

~can the individual use the telephone in an emergency?

~does the individual know how to ask for help?

~does the individual wander and become disoriented in the home?

~does the individual show behavior symptoms when left alone in the home?

~does the individual initiate activities that now require supervision, such as cooking, home repair?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to seek advice on Home Safety for Dementia. Caring Resources can assist you in assessing for a safe environment;ensuring your loved one receives regular medical care and appropriate environmental cues that allows the individual to maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships within a supervised setting. Call a representative today for more information.


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