Homestead Advantage Program comes to Boston

Claire Henry, Masters’ level clinician and Certified Dementia Practitioner, Principal at Caring Resources is pleased to introduce the Homestead Advantage Program. Ms. Henry is well-known in the elder care community for advocacy on behalf of clients with dementia and for providing specialized services to dementia clients and their families.  Additionally she has worked with organizations and facilities that serve this population by designing programs and developing specialized training programs.

The Homestead Advantage Program provides a cost effective approach to dementia care by identifying additional resources, recommending environmental accommodations and training caregiver and family members to provide specialized dementia care. This program encompasses individualized caregiver education, support, guidance, care planning and appropriate referral sources to best meet the the needs of the dementia client.


This program is geared toward “Early Stage” dementia clients.  Under this option, Caring Resources provides comprehensive, individualized care plan for clients  designed to enable them to remain at home.  Homestead Advantage I provides the following services:

~Initial Consultation by Certified Dementia Practitioner.

~Creation of safe and stimulating environments.

~Alzheimer/Dementia training.

Full access to our resource team of clinicians and geriatric healthcare professionals.

~Referral to outside agencies and home care networks.


This program is geared toward “later stage dementia”.  As AD progresses, often family members must make difficult decisions regarding their ability to safely care for a loved one at home.  In addition to services provided in Advantage I, Advantage II provides the following:

~Assessment of long term care settings.

~Assistance with identifying appropriate long term care settings.

~Assistance with transition to long term care environments.

Caring Resources embraces the philosphy that a consistent and safe environment, regular medical care, healthy dietary practices and appropriate environmental cues can reduce dementia symptoms and allow the dementia client to maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships within the most appropriate home environment.  Our core values include providing the highest level of care for loved ones with dementia, ensuring families and caregivers receive the leading edge practices in training and support.  Caring Resources follows a holistic care model focusing on providing client-centered care and behavior management strategies, creating safe home environments and strengthening family relationships. For more information contact a representative at 781-540-9357.


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