>Providing Home Safety for Dementia

>With the number of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease(AD) and related dementias continue to grow with approximately 5.3 million cases in this country, and with approximately 70 percent staying within the home; the healthcare community should take a closer look at the home care provider and their ability to dementia the client.

Although the search for a cure continues, there have been many advances in the treatment and symptom management of this disease.  Behavioral management is a major component of an effective treatment plan for the individual with AD.  With an individualized treatment plan, the AD patient can enjoy a dignified quality of life and remain in his or her own home for longer than ever before.

Caring Resources can assist family members and homecare providers in providing the best care for those living with AD.  We teach a variety of behavior management techniques and can design individual plans to address many challenging behaviors.  Our curriculum provides a positive learning environment and educational material linking classroom learning with practicum experience.  Topics ranging from “Understanding the Disease”, “Bathing Techniques with Dementia”, to “Assessing the Home Environment”.

Our newest and most exciting module is “Assessing the Home Environment”.  The learner will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue regarding, what constitutes a dementia friendly home environment, in addition to developing skills related to assessment of changes in our clients related to their environment. Necessary skills and approaches will be presented on how to best manage the dementia client.


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