We can all Use Mentors

In my healthcare mission, I have had the opportunity to have genuine mentors to support me in my vocation of working with the dementia client. This has included those that have taken the time to understand my true mission, supporting my marketing mission, and the ability to listen to my point of view regarding the care of the dementia client.

The dementia caregiver could also benefit from a mentor. A mentor who understands the stress, struggles, and sadness, surrounding being a caregiver. Alzheimer Coaching can fill this gap for the caregiver.  The Alzheimer Coach who is an informed provider with the family member who suffers from memory loss; and has an understanding regarding the challenges care giving can bring.

At Caring Resources, The Alzheimer’s Coach provides a personalized at-home assessment with family members of individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Our program identifies additional resources, recommending environmental accommodations and training caregivers and family members to provide specialized dementia care. Our program encompasses individualized caregiver education, support, guidance, care planning and appropriate referral sources to best meet the needs of the dementia client. In order to meet the individualized needs of our clients, Caring Resources provides the following services in regards to assessment and coordination of care.

~Initial Assessment.

~Screening for depression.

~Cognitive Status Assessment.

~Home Environment Assessment.

~Life Style Assessment.

~Pre-admission Assessment.

~Plans of Care.

~Development of both short and long term care plans and goals.

~Implementation and coordination of services as outlined in a care plan.

~Recommendation of Safe Return and Medic-Alert.

~Recommendations for Home Health Care Services.

~Recommendation of Prepared Meal Deliveries.

~Recommendation of Adult Day Services.

~Follow-up Home Visits.

~Referral to Long Term Care options.

~Transition plan to Long Term Care placement.

~Facility based visits and advocacy.

~Telephone Reassurance-daily phone call at a predetermined time.

~Referral for geriatric psychiatric evaluation.

~Referral for social service interventions.

~Recommendation out-patient or In-home Therapies Agency.

~Referral Support Group Counseling.

~Family Education dementia care services.

~Referral Transportation Services.

~Referral Guardianship Support Services.

~Referral Medicaid Planning Services.

~Referral Financial Planning Services.

Caring Resources embraces the philosophy that a consistent and safe environment, regular medical care, healthy dietary practices and appropriate environmental cues can reduce dementia symptoms and allow the dementia client to maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships within the most appropriate home environment.  Our core values include providing the highest level of care for loved ones with dementia, ensuring families and caregivers receive mentoring services with leading edge practices in training and support. Caring Resources follows a holistic care model focusing on providing client-centered care and behavior management strategies, creating safe home environments and strengthening family relationships. For more information contact a representative at Caring Resources.


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