Training for the Dementia Care Provider

As the number of diagnosed cases with Alzheimer’s disease(AD) and related dementias continue to grow to approximately 5.3 million cases in this country; the healthcare community will need to ensure the care provider is able to meet the needs of the dementia client through an effective dementia care training program.


Caring Resources can assist family members and providers with the best care practices for those living with dementia, through our curriculum based training modules.  Our curriculum provides a positive learning environment, with educational material linking classroom learning  and practicum experience.  Our standards of Care allow participants to gain innovative skills and strategies to best meet the needs of the dementia client.

Our training modules will prepare the care provider for high quality dementia care; while giving family members peace of mind, and a dignified quality of life for the dementia client. For more information regarding our next training session contact a representative at Caring Resources.

Curriculum Based Dementia Care Training

Understanding Dementia Care

Communication of Behavior

Social Model of Care

Managing Challenging Behaviors

A Guide to Behaviors

Activities of Daily Living for Dementia Care

Social Dining

Assessing the Home Environment

Activity Driven Programming

Strategies for Dealing with Challenging  Behaviors

Preparing for End of Life Care


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