Home Safety for Dementia

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Home Safety for dementia

I am assessing dementia client in the home; living in unsafe environment and family living out of state. Fortunately for this client, her physician was able to intervene and refer to my services. This case will have a positive outcome as a result.
My concern is for those dementia clients who 1) do not have the opportunity of resources available to them, and 2) those clients who do have the resources provided, but the home health care providers have limited skills and training in dementia care.

With the estimated 5.3 million American who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, and approximately 70 percent of people with dementia or other cognitive impairment, the healthcare community should be taking a closer look at home care provider and their ability to manage the dementia client. It is well documented that a well-trained caregiver in Alzheimer’s Dementia can manage the individual with specialized behavioral techniques, maintaining their independence within the home environment for longer periods of time.

Caring Resources upholds the philosophy that in order to provide the highest level of care for loved ones with dementia, it is imperative that families and caregivers receive the leading edge practices in training and support. Caring Resources follows a holistic care model focusing on providing client-centered care and behavior management strategies, creating safe home environments and strengthening family relationships.

With this in mind, we have developed a five hour curriculum for home care providers. The learning environment and educational material consists of linking classroom learning with practicum experience. Topics ranging from Understanding the disease, bathing techniques, to assessing the home environment.

Our newest and most exciting module is “Assessing the Home environment”. The learner will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue regarding, what constitutes a safe dementia friendly home environment, and detecting a change in status in our clients. Necessary skills and approaches will be presented how to best manage the dementia client in different situations.

This will prepare the home care provider for high quality dementia care, while giving family members peace of mind and a dignified quality of life for the dementia client. For more information on our training contact a representative today.


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