Dementia Care Provider Training




As the number of diagnosed cases with Alzheimer’s disease(AD) and related dementias continue to grow to approximately 5.3 million cases in this country; the healthcare community will need to ensure the care provider is able to meet the needs of the dementia client through standardized training programs. Caring Resources can assist family members and care providers the best care for those living with dementia through our training modules. Our curriculum provides a positive learning environment, with educational material linking classroom learning with practical experience. Our standards of care allow participants to gain innovative skills and strategies to meet the needs of the dementia client. Our training modules will prepare the care provider for high quality dementia care, while giving family members peace of mind and a dignified quality of life for the dementia client.


Participants will develop creative techniques in dementia care concepts as well as innovative strategies for incorporating best care practices for the dementia client. Our training is divided into two tracks. Upon completion of training course, students will be provided a Certificate of Completion and meet Student Participation Agreement. 

                               TRACK ONE

Requires students to participate in the following classroom learning modules:

Understanding Dementia Care • Communication of Behavior • Social Model of Care • Activities of Daily Living • Social Dining • Assessing the Home Environment • Activity Driven Programming • Guide to Behaviors • Managing Challenging Behaviors • Understanding Habilitation Therapy • Strategies for Dealing with Families.

                               TRACK TWO

Track Two is an observation class and requires completion of Track One.  The Dementia Care Provider Training is designed to give students the opportunity to apply classroom learning and care techniques into their practice through practical experience.

At the end of this presentation students will be able to:

1. Identify the behavior symptoms exhibited by the dementia clients.

2. Identify environmental clues that trigger challenging behaviors.

3. Identify techniques in redirecting challenging behaviors.

4. Understand and address the following behavioral symptoms:

Suspiciousness · Resistance to Bathing · Wanting to Go Home · Sleep Disturbances · Rummaging & Hoarding · Sundowning Behaviors · Behaviors Related to Activities of Daily Living · Dealing with difficult Families.

Dementia Care Provider Training is designed to provide care providers with standardized training in dementia care in to improve the quality of life for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.  Teaching materials include interactive applications, visual overhead presentations and handouts are provided.  Care providers working in long-term care facilities, assisted living communities, adult day programs and home care agencies are encouraged to attend.  For more information contact a representative at 781-540-9357 or email


2 thoughts on “Dementia Care Provider Training

  1. How much is this course and how can I sign up? I need this certification for work could you please send me this info so I can get started! Thank you

  2. This would really assist me with my self employment opportunity. I will call next week to obtain info.. Thanks.

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